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Props to the Roomba (and Mike)

This starting a business thing has been so exciting and fun (and hard). I know my girls and I have embraced it and jumped for joy when the packages arrive. I have even found myself texting Mike when, he is not traveling, to tell me what has come in while I am at my "real job". But while we have been appreciating all of our family and friends for supporting this new endeavor, it dawned on me tonight that the real supporter is not being recognized. ROOMBA! That sweet little lady who makes the rounds at 9:00 AM each morning after we have all left to do other things is picking up plastic bits and white dots and jute fiber from the night before's gift basket wrapping. Her original purpose was to only make sure that Daisy hair did not mock us when the week was so busy that we could not find the time to manage hard wood floors. And yet, Roomba has taken on the task and is now adding normally pristine dining room mayhem to her to do's. What would I do without her? Mike knows what the alternative would be and has taken it upon himself to make sure that she is not overlooked. He has ordered new filters and replacement parts and filters. Something I never knew was a possibility. But that is that protective nature in him. That boll for the cotton, that Bollinger for the family. That part that makes us all feel secure. So clean on Roomba, Mike has your back and the ladies of Field and Boll love what you do! And Mike, too!!

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