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Field and Boll is excited to serve the City of Keller and surrounding areas with quality gift and scentsory experiences!


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Our Story

Soaps, body lotions and candle scents are so personal.  It is very difficult to decide what scents to purchase online, having never smelled them.  I wanted to provide an avenue to showcase amazing small batch artisans by providing a scentsory (if you will) experience with their products within my community.    

But what would I name this new shop?

I met my “missing piece” or “peace,” (because he is both of those) late in life and completely out of the blue!  And in a nutshell, we both love rural areas, salt of the earth people, road trips, cooking, gardening, and our girls!  How do we honor that?  

What came to my mind was Land (The Land Girls) and Boll (The Bollinger Girls).  Boll is also the protective part of the cotton plant that holds the cotton safe until it is ready to pick.  That is definitely a symbol for their dad and his role in our lives.  However, my conscience got the best of me.  How could I cut short my husband’s family name and still somehow showcase my ex husband’s name, even if it is still my girl’s name.  But a field is a part of the land.  I could use that instead.  Now both sides had been subjected to my creative license!  That seems fair enough.  There is, actually, more emotion wrapped up in the name then just putting pen to paper and distorting family names to create a business name.

Field and Boll, for us, is the efforts of two families growing together, on a journey that is taking patience, hard work, perseverance, optimism and above all, love for the life we are creating.  Not unlike the farmers, gardeners and artisans that create the products we hope to showcase in our business.  We hope you will enjoy this journey with us!!

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